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Avolites Power Cube


plus VAT at 20%

A complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box! 

The compact box with proven Art 2000 technology is quick to set up. It boasts 12 dimmer circuits at 10A each, 6 combined dimmer/fixed mains at 10A each, 6 fixed mains at 16A each and 2 utility CEE16 outlets at 16A each. Available with Single pole and double breakers and standard supplied 5 pole 63A CEE connector, 3 x 30mA RCB’s allowing three phase and single phase operations, socapex or Harting options. Whether it is used for a conference, fashion show or any live event the Powercube powers a wide range of devices from moving lights, strobes, LED battons/fixtures and projectors.

Zero88 Rack 6


plus VAT at 20%

Offering 12 memories, a preheat per channel, three dimmer curves and ChilliNet compatibility, these dimmers offer users a sophistication not usually found in a dimming products in this price range.


The Rack 6 dimming range is ideal for a wide variety of uses from permanent installations to mobile dimming. 

Zero88 Betapack

63a or 32a In


plus VAT at 20%

The Betapack 3 range of 6 channel dimmer packs offers one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, this comprehensive range of convection cooled 6 x 10 Amp packs includes variants with sockets to match most global standards. Designed to be rack mounted, installed on a wall or carried, the Betapack 3 is suitable for a wide range of applications from amateur to professional, education to TV.

Zero88 Alphapack


plus VAT at 20%

This compact and rugged unit has 3 faders for local control, or can be controlled remotely as part of a larger lighting system. The Alphapack 2 offers both analogue and DMX control inputs providing maximum flexibility for a great price. A unique safety system and overload protection circuit means that the Alphapack 2 provides an extremely safe and reliable solution to small dimming applications, never allowing the dimmer loads to draw more current than is available from the supply.

Strand Unit Dimmer


Strand DIM 1 is a single channel dimmer with local control, a remote single fader and DMX control (5 pin). Rated at 10A (approx 2.3kw at 230V). These dimmers are perfect for using with stand alone heads in small studios, for followspots or for incorporating into and expanding DMX systems.