DMX Distribution

Week/2 days/day

City Theatrical Show Baby

Wireless DMX RX/TX


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SHoW DMX Neo™ 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio

Wirelessly broadcast and receive a full Universe of DMX

Robust wireless DMX512 and RDM data transmission

5 Possible SHoW IDs

Full compatibility with previous SHoW Babys

Extremely low latency

RDM proxy and responder functions

Instant plug-and-play configuration

Neutrik® 5P XLR Connectors for DMX IN and DMX OUT

RF Signal Strength (4 LEDS) Low to High

8 way DMX Splitter


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DataSplitter is ideal for the distribution / splitting of digital data signals from DC to 500KHz (such as DMX, PMX, RS232, RS423, RS422, RS485 etc). Signal In/Thru is provided in addition to the 8 independent outputs, all connections are 5pin XLR. Protection on ALL inputs and outputs capable of withstanding 240V! DataSplitter is a compact 1U 19” Rack mount with a great double mount system making it ideal for both touring and installation use. Two M10 sockets are also provided for attaching G-Clamps. 12-25V and 100-240V power supply compatibility gives even more flexibility. And if all that is not enough the DataSplitter is very competitively priced!

4 way DMX Splitter


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The Data Stream™ 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outputs with an additional “thru” port.

Zero88 Demux 24


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The Demux 24 is a 24 channel, rack mounted DMX to Analogue converter. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, the Demux 24 offers users the ability to use legacy analogue equipment with more modern DMX512 controllers. It is possible to select individual analogue output sockets as either negative or positive control voltage (+/- 10V), for maximum flexibility.

The eNODE4™ features (4) universal DMX ports, (2) RJ45 TCP/IP 10/100M Ethernet ports, auto MDI/MDIX, DMX-512, sACN and ArtNet support, ArtNet-DMX bilateral signal conversion, a DMX splitter function (1 input / 3 outputs), and broadcast and backup modes.

Elation Enode 4


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