Lighting Effects

Week/2 days/day

Rosco X24


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This truly amazing projector provides large scale rippling light effects previously unavailable to lighting designers. The device utilizes a 200 watt Enhanced Metal Arc source, whose short arc allows for an output of 5K lumens, with a 7000 hour lamp life. The color temperature is similar to a Xenon source at 6000K.

Laser - Equinox Polaris


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Features Red, Green and Violet laser diodes that pump out a combined 270mW of laser power, creating an immense show with its stunning geometric patterns and over 300 laser effects built-in.


The Equinox Polaris micro stepper motors, ensure a smooth performance and allow the patterns and images to be zoomed, rotated and expanded through the X and Y axis.

Martin Raptor


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Capable of dynamic multiple-color beam projection, the Martin Raptor DJ lighting effect lives up to the reputation of its aggressive Jurassic namesake - small and lightweight, yet deceptively fast and powerful.


The Raptor features more than 70 razor sharp, slicing light beams that constantly change color and direction to the intensity of the music.Sound activated, and a powerful mid-air performer, the Raptor employs a 250W halogen lamp to give unrivaled brightness for a unit of its compact dimensions.

Supermaxi Strobe

Including Remote


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The most compact strobe within the Pulsar range is the Super-Maxi Strobe. The cabinet holds the specially designed parabolic reflector and the unit is also fitted with a remote control socket for the Rainbow, Remote Control or other suitable controllers.


Power Rating:

  • 20watts

  • 1.25 Joules per flash @ 16 flashes per second

  • 5 Joules per flash @ 4 flashes per second

UV Canon - 400w


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UV Batten - 36w


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