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Dynacord VL122

400w RMS/1600w Peak

The DYNACORD VL122 2-way fullrange cabinet has been optimized acoustically and mechanically for multi-functional applications.

The VL122 can be used in passive fullrange mode and can be switched from the outside to ‘biamped’ operation.

Dynacord FX12

350w RMS - 12" Horn loaded Mid/High Coax Cabinet


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Medium longthrow mid/high- frequency cabinet in coaxial design

Dynacord FX20

600w RMS - 1 x 18" Basshorn


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Planar Waveguide Basshorn, equipped with the high-power Electro-Voice EVX 180B 18" transducer

EV XLD281 Line Array Module

200w RMS/800w Peak


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Full-bandwidth, three-way element (60 Hz - 20 kHz)

CCT™ (Coverage Control Technology)

Versatile subwoofer integration

Bi-amp or tri-amp Operation

Neodymium transducers

Simple, quick, integrated rigging

Supported by LAPS II aiming and flying software

EV X Sub Dual 18" Subwoofer

1200W RMS/4800w Peak


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High-output line-array subwoofer system

Rectangular cabinet with footprint identical to other X-Line systems 

Dynacord VL 62

150W RMS/600w Peak


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Today’s sound reinforcement and public address applications require equipment that guarantee exceptional sound quality for a large variety of different events. Multi-functionality is a must in order to be able to react on-site to varying customer demands. The DYNACORD VL62 2-Way fullrange cabinet has been optimized acoustically and mechanically for multi-functional applications.

Dynacord Sub18

700W RMS/2800w Peak


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The vented SUB 18 direct radiators have been designed for subwoofer use in active multiway systems. The superior transient response of the classic bass reflex construction is also well suited for medium to large bass arrays. The premium 700W RMS long excursion woofers feature extremely low THD, and the reliable, all-electronic Voice Coil Tracking Protection prevents thermal overload of the 100mm sandwich voice coils. For maximum dynamics, the SUB models can be driven by extremely powerful amplifiers; thermal overload triggers a virtually inaudible 'soft' power reduction.

Dynacord Sub312


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The PowerSub 312 active 12“ subwoofer, which is equipped with an integrated three-channel power amplifier with a total output of 1300W, was specially conceived to permit the swift and simple creation of a subwoofer satellite system, for which purpose all that is needed is to connect two passive (e.g. DYNACORD D8) loudspeaker systems to the Speakon outputs of the PowerSub 312. 

Dynacord Sub112

400w RMS/1600w Peak


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DYNACORD´s SUB 112 is a vented, direct radiating cabinet, equipped with the high-power DYNACORD DND12S400 neodymium transducer. The conical vent system shows significantly less distortion and lower air noise at low frequencies than common circular vent openings. 


200w RMS/800W Peak


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Smooth, wide frequency response, 

Ideal for mains, fills, or monitors 

Rotatable 90º x 50º horn for flexible coverage  

High sensitivity, 123 dB maximum SPL   

Integrated pole mount adapter and pocket handle 


600w RMS/2400W Peak


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Versatile performance for mains, fills, or monitors 

90º x 50º coverage horn 

High sensitivity, 131 dB maximum SPL 

High-impact polypropylene enclosure 

Compact monitor-friendly wedge shape 


600w RMS/2400W Peak


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Versatile performance for mains, fills, or monitors 

Switchable bi-amp or passive crossover operation 

90º x 50º coverage horn 

High sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPL  

High impact polypropylene enclosure 

Wedge shape for monitors at 45º or 55º 

EV ZXa1 - Active 8" Loudspeaker

200w RMS/800W Peak


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Electro-Voice engineers have raised the bar for portable sound once again, adding to the award-winning ZX loudspeaker family with the new ZXA1 – the self-powered version of the best-selling ZX1 compact two-way loudspeaker. ZXA1 is powered by an 800 watt amplifier module derived from EV’s world-tour-class Tour Grade series – amplifiers with audio quality and reliability proven at the very highest levels. 

EV ZXa1 Sub - Active 12" Sub

700w RMS


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Extending the ZXA1’s size-defying performance and sleek styling into the low-end realm, the ZXA1-Sub packs 700 W of self-powered punch into a low-profile wood enclosure. Match ZXA1 with ZXA1-Sub and hear just how big a small rig can sound, whether you want to add a tight thump to a DJ set or give the highs and mids some breathing room in a live performance.

EV TX1122FM, 

12" Wedge Monitor - 500w


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Our Tour-X floor monitors are designed to complement all full-range cabinets in the family with common voicing.

Dynacord AXM 12a 

12" Wedge Monitor 


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Used as a small full range main PA, delay speaker, side or front fill and other similar applications - there are a number of reasons to fall in love with the AXM 12A.

The compact footprint demonstrates its versatility and how it can benefit the user where space on stage is at a premium. Acoustically the AXM 12A offers the ideal combination of a high quality 12” / 1.75” coaxial transducer with onboard signal processing and 2-channel amplification.

Outstanding sound performance and ultimate ease of use.

Community VLF218

800w RMS/2000w Peak


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