Playback and Processing

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Electrovoice N8000 

NetMax 300 MIPS digital matrix controller

  • Full IRIS-Net supervision, control, and scheduling

  • Comprehensive 32-channel routing and mixing

  • Huge range of DSP filters, EQ, dynamics, and delays

  • FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization

  • 300 MIPS internal processing

  • Up to 1000 MIPS of processing power available per unit

  • 115 dB dynamic range for clean, quiet sound

  • Internal 48-bit processing for outstanding audio fidelity

  • Auto-compiling DSP engine with ultra-low fixed latency

  • Modular architecture with hardware expansion slots  

  • Fully-programmable analog and digital GPIO support

  • Support for Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and CAN

  • CobraNet and Dante audio networking options


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Electrovoice DX46


FIR-Drive sound system processor

  • IRIS-Net software provides complete control, monitoring and supervision 

  • FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization 

  • Analog and AES/EBU inputs 

  • Switchable -6 dB pre-A/D converter pad 

  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion 

  • 48-bit filter algorithms 

  • 116 dB dynamic range (A-weighted) 

  • Ethernet and USB data interfaces 

  • Dedicated array EQ and delay sections 

  • 4 separate delay sections 

  • 5 contact closure inputs 

  • 60 factory presets, 30 user presets 

  • Unique edit/compare mode for audible parameter adjustment 

  • Full loudspeaker protection package, including both Peak Anticipation and TEMP limiters 

  • Editor Software IRIS-Net


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Electrovoice DC-One

Two-in/six-out sound system processor

Whether you’re permanently installing a sound system or taking your portable rig to tonight’s gig, the DC-One will help you optimize your loudspeakers for the room they’re in. This fully-featured, 2-in/6-out audio DSP lets you adjust EQ and crossover points, dynamics and delays from the front panel or from PC software that lets you see how you’re shaping your sound. Precise limiters help protect your loudspeaker investment from the unexpected. The DC-One comes pre-loaded with standard speaker configurations and custom settings for many EV loudspeakers.

Foxusrite Scarlett 6i6

6 in 6 out USB audio interface


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It gives you four analogue inputs with two Scarlett mic preamps, four analogue outputs and two separate headphone outputs, so you can give different headphone mixes to different artists, or an engineer and an artist

DBX 266xs



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  • Error proof operation to smooth uneven levels, add sustain to guitars, fatten drums or tighten up mixes

  • Great sounding dynamics control for any type of program material

  • Balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4" trs and xlr

  • New gate timing algorithms ensure the smoothest release characteristics

  • Classic dbx "auto" mode

Vesta Fire SL-200



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2 Channel

Dual Compressor Limiter

Lexicon MX400

Dual Reverb


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  • Lexicon delays & modulation effects

  • dab compression and de-essing

  • Quad-processor design

  • 7 effect routing options

  • Large front panel LCD display

DBX 1231

2 x 31 Band Graphic Equaliser


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With finger-snap-simple operation and superior performance, the dbx 12 Series are mainstays in countless rigs, meeting the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments while offering straightforward control. Precision engineered to provide years of maintenance-free operation in any application, the 12 series has proven itself on the road and in studios time after time. The 1231 offers 31, 1/3 octave bands with 45mm faders.

DBX 231s

2 x 31 Band Graphic Equaliser


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  • Constant q frequency bands

  • Switchable boost /cut range of +/- 6 or +/- 12 db

  • 12db per octave 40hz low-cut filter

  • Front panel bypass switch

  • +/- 12db input gain range

Behringer FBQ2496

Feedback Destroyer


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Ultra-high performance 2-channel 24-bit/96 kHz Feedback Destroyer and Parametric EQAutomatically and “intelligently” locates and destroys up to 40 feedback frequencies

Stereo Headphones


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