Special Effects

Week/2 days/day

Gas Flambeaux

including 13kg Gas bottle


plus VAT at 20%

Standing over 2m tall our Gas Flambeaux create the perfect way to highlight the entrance to an event. The Flambeaux are completely self contained and fuelled by bottled gas.

Handheld Flame Torch

GAM Torch


plus VAT at 20%

The self-extinguishing Real Flame Torch
automatically extinguishes when safety switch is released

  • GAMTORCH, the Real Flame Torch for your productions

  • Tested and proven in hundreds of stage performances and outdoor spectacles

  • Produces 16 inches of real flame from solid GAMfuel pellets

  • Virtually smokeless and odorless, GAMTORCH is non-toxic and clean burning

  • A real flame source that is environmentally safe

Diablo Flame Effect

Diablo Flame Effect Drum



plus VAT at 20%

The Diablo V2 Flamelight is a super realistic natural flame effect. This may be fitted on a wall or be free standing. The unit is supplied in Black.

Jem Fan Machine


plus VAT at 20%

Compact and powerful fan featuring DMX input as standard. They can be controlled alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines using the analogue link or DMX.Max air flow: 1600 cubic m/hr / 2500 rpm motor

Antari Snow Machine


plus VAT at 20%

With newly-developed PCB and new advanced pump, S-100X and S-200X can be even more reliable and generate 50% more snow outputs than their predecessors,S-100II and S-200.They can create both romantic snow and astonishing blizzard effects.


The only difference between S-100X and S-200X is that S-200X is “Silent” version snow machine. Its working noise level is much lower, which is great for environments where quiet condition is required.

Mirrorball 500mm/20"

Mirrorball 400mm/16"

Mirrorball 300mm/12"




plus VAT at 20%