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Milos 390v truss.jpg

Milos M390L Quatro

2.0m Quad Truss


plus VAT at 20%

M390 is a larger format product line provides remarkable weight loading capabilities while fitting the needs of more substantial spans and booth designs such as concert stages, larger exhibit displays or any other types of indoor or outdoor stages. The M390 provides optimal truss support in every situation.

Milos M290v Quatro


0.25m Quad Truss

0.5m Quad Truss

1.0m Quad Truss

1.5m Quad Truss

2.0m Quad Truss

3.0m Quad Truss







plus VAT at 20%

The M290 Quick Truss system is our mid-sized stage truss line that can be used for both small and large applications. The "V" Range is for heavy duty use, offering excellent spanning and weight loading capabilities while providing a decorative touch!

Milos MT1 Tower


plus VAT at 20%

The versatile MT1 Tower is the professional’s choice for rigging projects within the entertainment and event industries. Your outdoor stages and concert stages will benefit from the use of the MT1. 

Milos Multicube, M209V


Multicube configurable from 2 to 6 way junctions 


plus VAT at 20%

Milos M290 Base Plates



Heavy Duty Base Plate


Quad Base Plate




plus VAT at 20%



1.0m Trilite 200

2.0m Trilite 200

3.0m Trilite 200


Trilite Truss Corner, 3 way, Left

Trilite Truss Corner, 3 way, Right

Trilite T Piece, 3 way, Apex Down

Trilite Base Plate








plus VAT at 20%

OPTI Trilite 200 is the original aluminium truss system.  OPTI Trilite 200 is a highly versatile, strong 2 inch aluminium tube truss system used in exhibition halls all over the world.  OPTI Trilite 200 is perfect for all types of temporary or permanent structures inside or out.