Stage Mist
HTS is pleased to offer virus protection solutions to ensure your business can reopen safely and confidently.
Anti-viral fogging using nano-technology to protect whole spaces,
protective screens offering physical barriers & live streaming to connect you with an audience. We have a solution for you.
Our anti-viral fogging uses nano-technology to safely disinfect, sanitise and provide lasting virus protection for up to 10 days to a wide variety of spaces.
Henley Theatre Services are pleased to be able to provide you with a longer term, full Disinfectant Service in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

How it works:

Conventional disinfectants are known to have an immediate effect but that effect is short lived, sometimes only lasting a few minutes before a surface becomes re-colonised, leaving a hygiene gap until the next disinfection. Our service fills that gap using a Class 2a medical grade disinfection product (uniquely covered by a medically approved CE mark) and is released either as a fog of disinfectant into the air or sanitising solution onto a surface.

This non-toxic, eco-friendly, water based surface disinfectant provides a nano-thin, invisible layer that is safe to use on all surfaces, including upholstery and kills the majority of virus, bacteria and fungi within minutes. It has been robustly tested worldwide, already being used in hospitals, public buildings & airlines.

HTS are an authorised agent for this unique, long term, anti-microbial coating (anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) which can be applied to your space. The advantage to this product is that once applied, its disinfectant properties last for up to 10 days following application, offering your business peace of mind and confidence. 

The use of our fogging machines ensures all surfaces are thoroughly decontaminated. They can be safely used in all types of locations and premises, including schools, theatres, auditoriums, offices, hotels, care homes and food preparation areas, offering a thorough and long lasting disinfectant . This can be as a preventative measure against the latest Covid-19 virus to enable your premises to reopen safely, as soon as guidelines allow, but also acts as an effective measure against many other viral and bacterial contaminants.






Our knowledgeable and experienced team will disinfect the auditorium in pairs. They will be wearing full PPE and adhere to currently government social distancing guidelines. Using our unique, combined industry technology, our team will use a mist spray to apply the disinfectant. Once the area has been disinfected your auditorium it will be ready to use again within minutes.


For areas with a high level of foot fall such as a school auditorium or theatre, we would recommend treating the area every 7 days. Following each application we will then provide you with an authenticated certificate, which would include an expiry date.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us so we can put a suitable plan together for your business.


Due to high interest in this product, we recommend getting a provisional booking in place for your business so that we can more easily manage supply stock, reserve stock for your business ahead of time and provide the excellent service HTS are known for.

- Non-toxic, eco-friendly, water based disinfectant

- Nano-technology allows a slow release of the disinfectant, to kill viruses that come into contact with it over a 10 day period.

- Proven to be effective against:

- Covid-19

- Hepatitis B & C

- Listeria

- Bacteria


- Salmonella

- Fungi

- Influenza


Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 12.48.14.png
bar screen.jpg

Our protective screens are manufactured with aluminium frames, integrated stands and a strong, transparent PVC film with a fire resistant coating. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of environments to create stylish separation zones, keeping staff, customers and students safe. They are easy to maintain and clean and come in a number of sizes to suit your needs.


Sizes available:

200cm(h) x 120cm(w)

200cm(h) x 60cm(w)

180cm(h) x 120cm(w)

180cm(h) x 60cm(w)

60cm(h) x 80cm(w)

60cm(h) x 120cm(w)

60cm(h) x 160cm(w)

The screens are easy to connect together in order to create larger screening partitions and have a wide variety of applications. Used alongside our decontamination service, these protective screens can be a vital part of a health and safety plan for reopening your business once government guidelines allow and to meet the social distancing criteria required.

Due to high interest in this product, current stock of these items is limited and so we recommend getting in touch to discuss your business requirements to enable us to ensure sufficient stock delivery.

Bars & Restaurants

Use for separation between staff & customers. Create service zones to help customers with social distancing measures inside & outside.

Beauty & Wellbeing

Use our protective screens alongside personal PPE to create separate areas for treatment and service of clients.

Schools & Theatres

Use screens to create safer zones for pupils or customers when queuing or at entrance and assembly areas.

Gyms & Leisure

Create safe and socially distant zones within a room for leisure activities and workouts.


Although large events are currently restricted, our live streaming service enables you to broadcast your production to a live audience.

With the Covid-19 government guidelines still in place, holding a large event or production with an audience is not currently able to happen. However, with our safety measures in place and social distancing guidelines adhered to, we can help you continue with a production or event and live stream to your audience.

Whether it is an end of year award ceremony, a business conference or a celebration, we can help set up and manage all the equipment required to produce and broadcast your event to a live audience. Our live streaming service can be run through an independent service or through a website of your own and can be as small or as big as you require. There are no time restrictions on the length that you can stream for and we provide a failsafe backup solution to ensure your production does not drop out midway.


Along with our normal technical services and equipment hire, we can ensure that a high quality production is broadcast for your audience to enjoy, wherever they may be. We can provide separate microphones for individual use, create booths/zones for back stage activities to ensure social distancing and of course set up using all required PPE.


Alongside our disinfection service and protection screens, we can ensure that all aspects of the production are carried out in a safe and socially distant way.